The 3 Secrets To Getting Fit For Good 
Without dieting, constant gyming or giving up a social life!
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Hosted by Chardét Ryel
Ola! I’m Char, a Brazilian-American wellness coach for women. I’m also the founder of the Rio Project: a step-by-step program to feeling good nakd! 

As a NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist, I’ve made it my mission to help women look and feel good while still enjoying life and without sacrificing all the stuff they love (that is the Brazilian way after all!) 

As a petite, curvy thing I never had the ideal body shape (no thigh gap here.) I spent years trying to reach that ideal weight, killing myself in the gym, counting calories and avoiding the things I loved just to try to feel good in my body. It took me years to accept my hips, thighs and all the little bits of me. 

Learning to feel good in my skin was equal parts fitness, food and mindset. I had to learn how to train and eat for MY body but also how to accept it.  

When I realized that this is a HUGE struggle for many women, I made it my mission to show how to feel good from the inside out without all the crazy rules.  

Tuesday, September 15th 1pm EST (e.g. New York) / 6pm BST (UK time)
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